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Meticulously engineered to provide comfort, durability and unmatched performance in any situation or climate. Odor resistant Light & Breathable Fast Drying Temperature regulating

The Best Socks are Merino Wool Socks

The world is a big place, and you need to be prepared to go the distance. Whether you’re travelling to the rainforest, your favorite European city or destination unknown, you better take care of your feet. Merino wool socks have carried travelers all over the globe to their destinations for centuries, and there’s a list of reasons why. Read More

Benefits of Merino Wool Socks

Simply put, the performance benefits of Merino wool socks can’t be matched by any other fabric. Sock performance can be measured in the ability to stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the environment. In wet climates, dry socks are imperative to provide comfort and hygiene. In colder climates, the ability to provide warmth and breathability may be more important. Most amazing is that in both warm and cold climates, Merino wool socks will outperform the competition. Cotton, while comfortable absorbs far too much moisture, and synthetic blends often are sweaty and don’t breathe well. Only on your first adventure wearing Merino wool socks do you really appreciate the quality of Merino wool.

Merino wool makes the best socks because of it’s ability to retain heat and expel moisture, depending on the situation. There is no other area of the body that gets hotter and sweatier than your feet From the wet, humid climates of the tropics to the cold, harsh climates of the world’s highest mountains, your feet need to be ready for anything.

Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Hikers know how important foot comfort is, and for centuries, adventurers planning on walking great distances have worn Merino wool socks. No matter where you’re hiking, you’ll be putting a lot of stress and pressure on your feet. In fact, for many hikers, the outcome of their trip can depend on their ability to walk, and that means socks play an extraordinarily important role on your next trip. Merino wool hiking socks are the best wool socks to wear when you’re covering long distances as they’ll provide you with breathable comfort on every step. After travelling halfway around the world to go on that dream adventure, you don’t want wet, sticky socks slowing you down.

Nothing repels moisture like Merino wool, and whether that moisture is sweat, rain, mud or some unknown green murky water, nothing can stop you when you’re wearing Merino wool socks. Knowing that your socks won’t absorb any moisture due to the molecular properties of Merino wool can help give you that extra bit of motivation, especially when travelling to parts unknown.

Hygienic Benefits of Merino Wool Socks

It goes without saying, that it’s important to keep your feet clean. Merino wool socks aren’t just for outdoors, they can be great in urban situations and at the office. From long walks in the park that turn into quiet nights, keep your feet smell-free with Merino wool socks. The incredible ability of Merino wool to repel moisture means that your socks will remain clean, even if the rest of your clothes aren’t.

Our Men’s Merino Wool Socks Make Terrific Gifts!

Normally, no one likes to get socks a birthday or holiday gift. However, our Merino socks are more than just socks, they’re symbols of adventure, signs of preparation and a reason to get excited about upcoming adventures. Simple as a pair of socks may be, they can represent travel, adventure, excitement and most of all, comfort. Give the gift of adventure, give Merino wool.

Our Merino socks were meticulously designed for comfort. The low-cut profile ensures that our Merino sock is flexible enough to move with your foot, while the stitched in comfort band ensures it doesn’t slide on you. Design and tested by world travelers and adventurers, they’re ready to take you on any upcoming adventure. Step boldly! Read Less